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mineralfellow: the lord taketh away and the lord giveth
mineralfellow: hi
Analise83: hi
mineralfellow: bye
Analise83: bye?
mineralfellow: it is bedtime after all
mineralfellow: well, i suppose i can chat for a while
mineralfellow: how are you?
Analise83: thank yu!!! i love you too matthew.
Analise83: good, i guesss.
mineralfellow: ?
mineralfellow: and i love you
Analise83: I just feel funky...and *hugs*
mineralfellow: argh, i cant hug myself!
Analise83: *laughs* come visit sometime
mineralfellow: sugarpie, honeybunch,
mineralfellow: i just cant hug myself
mineralfellow: i hope to
Analise83: yey!
mineralfellow: for about a semester
mineralfellow: or four
Analise83: ;-)
mineralfellow: i was there today
mineralfellow: but where is the lovely blair?
mineralfellow: i dont know
Analise83: you were ???
mineralfellow: did your adorable roommate not tell you?
Analise83: I knew rachel was here but I didn't know you were here no
mineralfellow: i feel so important
mineralfellow: oh well
mineralfellow: yeah, i came up for tales
mineralfellow: and to be a chaparone
mineralfellow: there was some serious hand-holding going on over there...
Analise83: oooh really?
mineralfellow: i tried to look away... must keep pure, you know
mineralfellow: :-)
Analise83: oh yeah...pure
mineralfellow: well, i really ought to be off to bed
Analise83: *sighs and looks pathetic*
mineralfellow: im sorry, but i still have chemistry to do
Analise83: ooookay
Analise83: *hug hug hug*
mineralfellow: i feel heartbroken
mineralfellow: ok, ill stay a while
Analise83: parting is such sweet sorrow
mineralfellow: ill stay
Analise83: yey!
mineralfellow: :-D:-D
Analise83: I've been slapping my wrist all night
mineralfellow: ?
Analise83: to keep from saying things I don't need to
mineralfellow: oh
mineralfellow: well, i would think that you would learn not to think such things after a few slaps
Analise83: sorry, I'm still thinking bad things. *looks repentent*
mineralfellow: :-)
mineralfellow: bad as in "i shouldnt say this" or "whoo hoo!! oops..."
mineralfellow: ?
Analise83: both
mineralfellow: oh...
Analise83: hang on...what exactly is a "whoo hoo" ? btw?
mineralfellow: well, you should repent in a baptist church in the country... much like longview...
mineralfellow: uhhhhh
Analise83: i should, huh?
mineralfellow: oh yes
mineralfellow: next sunday perhaps?
Analise83: well, I'll be going to my church this sunday...and home next sunday so home church again
mineralfellow: and after that>
mineralfellow: ?
Analise83: persistent, aren't we?
mineralfellow: just me
Analise83: =P
mineralfellow: :-)
Analise83: don't think that looking cute is going to help you get out of it
mineralfellow: well, why dont you come over here and reprimand me?
mineralfellow: :-)
Analise83: uhm....because you're quite a ways a way
mineralfellow: borrow some car some where.. or we could pick you up..
Analise83: sometime later
mineralfellow: like i believe that
Analise83: *looks innocent*
mineralfellow: you just brush me off and brush me off like persistant dandruff
Analise83: *hugs* but I love you matthew!
mineralfellow: well, it will take more than head and shoulders to get these flakes off!
mineralfellow: love you too blair
Analise83: :-D
mineralfellow: but you just must come some time
mineralfellow: just make sure you watch your phrasology
Analise83: *grins* yessir
mineralfellow: :-)
mineralfellow: i should say something clever
Analise83: you should
mineralfellow: i love you
Analise83: *melts*
mineralfellow: :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
Analise83: you have no idea how long I've waited to hear/see those very words!
mineralfellow: are you being phecisious? fesisious? however you spell it?
Analise83: facetious?
Analise83: yes.
mineralfellow: thank you
mineralfellow: ok
Analise83: *hugs* but it was still luvverly to read
mineralfellow: :-D
mineralfellow: well, i did something right
Analise83: yeppers
mineralfellow: yeppers? is that like peppers?
Analise83: no, it's like "yep yep yep"
mineralfellow: ah
mineralfellow: makes sense
Analise83: :-)
mineralfellow: if i said you had a great body, would you hold it against me?
Analise83: no...then again, I'd think you were using a cheesy pick up line
mineralfellow: well, i might
mineralfellow: and i might be thinking of going to chair
mineralfellow: i no longer go to bed
mineralfellow: i go to chair
Analise83: lol...go to chair, matthew
mineralfellow: ok
mineralfellow: good night
Analise83: nite
mineralfellow: sleep well