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Analise83: glim?
GoddessGlim: oh, hi! man, am i bad or what, never IMing people... *ahem* hi, Ili! let me stop fighting with my computer for the nonce...
Analise83: okies
Analise83: ;-)
GoddessGlim: i can't yell at it or hit it, as it's named Obi-Wan and i'd feel all bad about it... ah, well, i was just trying to make my webpage look better, but i think it's going to stay as is. what's going on, il?
Analise83: not much...tried to message you a few mins ago and it told me you weren't available even tho it said you're online and you weren't away....*shrugs* that's why I said "glim?" instead of "glim!" ;-)
GoddessGlim: oh, hm, that's very odd. *glares at obi-comp* why does eveything that owns me (ObiMuse, ObiComp) have to be so darn temperamental????
Analise83: cause it's Obi
GoddessGlim: figures. high maintainance padawan! *giggles* goes along with my image of obi-wan conditioning his braid to prevent split ends...
GoddessGlim: (eurgh, my friend signed off before i had a chance to IM her... whoops!!)
Analise83: *grins*
Analise83: was my idea to write an abduction fic, and now I can't decide who to abduct me in it
GoddessGlim: oooh, yeah! i have to do my WAAS replies, I'm finally going to get up to date. corran?
GoddessGlim: but, Ili, what will the pilot do once he's abducted you? *innocent wide eyes*
Analise83:'m getting abduc-....inducted into the WAAS
GoddessGlim: *sniffs* i like corran, really, i do. *remembers that corran/luke 'fic she has to finish* inducted into the WAAS? does that include ceremonial spanking?
Analise83: don't know, I just thought it would be nifty if everyone wrote a fic (doesn't have to be long) on how she was abducted (or inducted, whichever) into the WAAS and that a pilot ought to be the one to do it.
Analise83: just haven't decided which one for me, Wedge, Tycho, and Hobbie all want to do it
Analise83: and I don't think I'll need all three of them to drag me in kicking and screaming ;-)
Analise83: then again, I don't want to hurt any of their feelings
GoddessGlim: awww, all the boys love Ili!! of course they do!! pick Hobbie! have Wedge 'n Tych convince him to do it!
Analise83: hrm...*thinks about it* Wedge can be lookout and tych will drive the getaway car *grins* and hobbie will do the actual kidnapping....spiffyness
GoddessGlim: *snorts* oh, the getaway car! is it a winnebago? (do you watch buffy?)
Analise83: no and not much
Analise83: how do you spell "definitaly" ? I never get it right.
GoddessGlim: 'definitely' i believe
Analise83: that looks more right than definitaly. ;-)
Analise83: thankya
GoddessGlim: oh, ok, well, forget the winnebago comment, then. maybe it should be a big, pink caddie, you know, like a pimp daddy mobile *eg*
Analise83: *snickers* I'm thinking about a van decorated with blue and purple swirlys
GoddessGlim: oooh, that sounds coolitas, actually. yumm! does it have a mini-bar?
Analise83: It can, tho I have a preference for Dr.Pepper and not much else ')
Analise83: ;-)
GoddessGlim: oh, i *like* dr.pepper, diet, though, or well, any variation, i suppose, i don't drink soda very often, sometimes diet coke, and then rum 'n cokes sometimes
Analise83: why don't you drink soda often?
GoddessGlim: actually, it's one of my health kick things, i just think it has lots of empty calories, and i don't like it enough to ingest all that sugar, i mean, i like sugar lots, but soda doesn't do it for me
Analise83: *nods* my case....well...*looks at floor* I'm kinda addicted to the caffeine. ;-)
Analise83: "" She raised an eyebrow and tried to sit up in the hammock and say 'of course' at the same time. Obviously she wasn't very coordinated because she landed in a heap beneath the hammock. She glared up at it and grumbled, "_This_ is why I don't come outside often." ""
Analise83: that ^^^ is a little part of the fic
GoddessGlim: that's one of my other health kicks! i think caffeine is so bad for you, but i eat so much other crap, like i have any right to crit your caff love...
Analise83: I could honestly see that happening to me, tho thank TAWG it hasn't happened yet
GoddessGlim: dude, that was cute... i love hammocks... *purrs* i used to like those Estee Lauder ads with the guy in the hammock...
Analise83: *grins*
Analise83: I gotta go to bed, glim...thanks for the story jumpstart. ;-) nite!