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nogst4u: Hullo, who is this again?
Analise83: iliana
nogst4u: Oh, hullo <: )
nogst4u: Didja get Jim's news, etc?
Analise83: about RPC? and hiya
nogst4u: Yep
nogst4u: The cut-the-chatter forum is back up.
Analise83: erm....what exactly? that the server dealy is all messed up?
Analise83: nevermind...just read the announcment
Analise83: *sniffles* that's sad!
Analise83: i'll go see if I can dig up any rebelpilot info I might have lying around......I have tycho pics up the well as afew janson/hobbie/wedge ones if that helps
nogst4u: That'd rule. If you have contact with Stosh, Derek, Nat, Rach, etc, could you pass the word around?
nogst4u: So we can keep in contact.
Analise83: I shall
nogst4u: Thankyou
Analise83: I don't know how to get ahold of Derek but I can get ahold of rach, nat, stosh and a few others easily
Analise83: and you're welcome
nogst4u: Alright, this is great.
Analise83: what's your email address again? or somesuch like that?
Analise83: okies
Analise83: I'll go look for what I've got now
nogst4u: OK