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Prologue- It was a beautiful day in Paris and not only that, Methos was having a great day as well. It had started out kind of stressful because he’d thought Duncan hadn’t taken the bait when he’d told him he didn’t want a birthday party. (I know what you’re thinking. Oh, no! A weird story about Methos and his age. It gets better, I promise.) It turned out, though, that Duncan had...

“ Come on, don’t you want a birthday party?” “No, I don’t. I really don’t like to be reminded of my age if that’s all right with you.” “Aw, it’ll be fun. You know, me, Amanda, Joe, Richie, and, of course, Alexa. “I don’t want it. I promise that I will personally kill you if you embarrass me like that.”

The argument seemed to have gone on for hours though it had probably only been a few minutes. Methos seemed to desperately not want a birthday party, but he couldn’t get it through Duncan’s thick head.

Then, there was a pause in their argu-, uh, conversation and they both looked at each other, then at the door, Duncan reaching for his sword. The door opened and Amanda strolled in. Both Duncan and Methos visibly relaxed. “Amanda, do me a favor and please explain to Methos here why he needs to commemorate his birthday.”

“Before you say anything, I just want to say that I’m totally against the idea, and that I can see you two want to be left alone. With that said, I’m leaving.” Amanda looked a little shocked after this little monologue. After all, she’d been planning to lecture Methos on the virtues of birthdays. Now she wasn’t going to get that chance. Without further ado, while Dunkie and Amanda were still speechless from this outburst Methos got up and left, presumably to go get some beer and relax. As soon as Methos was off the barge Amanda turned to Duncan and asked, ”So, what are you doing for Methos’s birthday?” as casually as if Methos had never been there.

The whole thing about this party (at least now that Methos so obviously didn’t want one) was that Duncan wanted to repay Methos for making him think Gina de Valicourt had killed him and, in the process made him look like the host of the dating game or something. (only this was for marriages. The story about the de Valicourts is told much better in one of the HL episodes, the only problem is that I can’t remember which one. Anyway watch that episode and you’ll understand.) Back to the story...The biggest help Duncan had in planning this er, surprise party was Amanda. If there was anything Amanda knew how to do it was come up with a way to get someone to do what she wanted. After all, she does it to Duncan all the time. :)

-The Next Morning-

Duncan and Amanda had been up almost all night (No, not doing that! You are sick! Can’t you take your mind off that for one second?) working out the details for the party. All they had to do now was get Methos to it. “Maybe we shouldn’t do this to Adam,” said Amanda to Duncan. “You’re the one who is always telling me to live a little. What better way than this?” he replied with a knowing grin. “Fine,” she replied,” have it your way.”


Methos was walking around the streets of Paris when he finally decided he would go to some nice park somewhere and sit down After all, how much exercise does one man need? He settled onto one of the many benches in a nearby park and for some reason began thinking of well, nothing at all, really. Then, he felt a buzz and started looking around. “Oh, great ,” he muttered when he saw who was walking toward him, “ why couldn’t it be someone looking for my head?” “Is that any way to talk about a lady?” said the woman. “No, but then you’re not what I consider a lady, Amanda.” “Just for that I don’t think I’ll tell you what I came to tell you about Alexa. If she jumps off the Eiffel Tower it won’t be my fault.” “What on earth are you talking about?” “Alexa, she says she’s going to jump off the Eiffel Tower.” “Well then let’s get over there and make sure she doesn’t!”

-A Few Minutes Later-

Methos and Amanda arrived at the Eiffel Tower. They both looked up, Methos with fear in his eyes. He didn’t seem to notice the people hiding behind scattered trees and bushes. “Where is she? I don’t see her!” he exclaimed, his voice sounding a bit hysterical.

“I’m right here. You are looking for me aren’t you?” a voice said behind him. Methos whirled around to see Alexa standing behind him. “What? What’s going on here?” even though he knew perfectly well what was going on.

“SURPRISE!” All of the people who were in hiding jumped out from where they were hiding. Methos looks at all of the people standing around him. There isn’t a hint of surprise or joy on his face, though. In fact, he looks almost angry. He then turned to Duncan and burst out laughing. “I can’t believe you fell for it!” he said between bouts of laughter.

“Fell for what?” Duncan was a little slow that day. “You are so predictable. I knew that if I made you think I would be mortally embarrassed by a birthday party you would give me one to get me back for the de Valicourt incident.” replied Methos as soon as he stopped laughing enough to reply. “It was a good plan and it would have worked, Dunkie boy, if it weren’t for one thing.” “And what’s that?” he asked. “I love parties, especially when they’re given in my honor.” “ I just can’t believe it! He even fooled me.” interjected Amanda. “To quote myself from an earlier time: Like you say darling, I’m an AC-tor.” said Methos almost starting to laugh again. “Can we just enjoy the party now?” asked Alexa to no one in particular. “Of course, love,” replied Methos,” okay, we can start the party now.”


Methos and everyone else had a lot of fun except for Duncan who was sulking because he hadn’t been able to outsmart Methos. As a little note: Methos really enjoyed the cheap beer Amanda gave him.

Author’s Note-

I’ll understand if you think this was a totally stupid story but please do not E-mail and tell me that. I want to keep some of my ego, okay? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this literary masterpiece. *g*

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