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Siva's Methos Essay

Over my years of watching the glorious man we call Methos, I have come to
the conclusion that he is Gorgeous. Now you might be thinking that you already
know this and why am I; Siva MacMINT of the Clan MacMint (and various other
prestigious clans like: MBB, MAP, BABE, and DOBC), wasting my time writing it
out....well a man like that needs to be praised. He has a big ego even if he
doesn't show it (snicker) and we must keep stroking his “pride”. After existing forover
5,000 years a man needs a little more worship to keep his feelings up.

So in conclusion ladies...keep up the adulation for the ROG, we wouldn't want
him ridding away with his blue boxers never to return, now would we? That
would avow the death of the Blue Frosting fights, Blue haggis fights, Blue
root beer fights, and the Blue beer fights (and one can't forget the fru’s).
That would be a crime against humanity.

Sincerely, siva, obsessive-compulsive and bored to death

P.S. I'm not saying we don't obsess enough already I just wanted to keep morale up.