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Analise83: got any ideas for pilot!clones?

StarWarzChika: Huh.
StarWarzChika: Protective!Pilots are always sweet
StarWarzChika: and Chocolatey-Goodness!Pilots
StarWarzChika: And Harley-Davidson!Pilots
StarWarzChika: and Hippie pilots who believe that love is the answer
Analise83: *contemplates pilots in black leather...then moves on to contemplating a Hippie!Pilot* Ooooh, I like that one
StarWarzChika: lol
StarWarzChika: What about SlightlyPreppyRichBoy!Pilots?
StarWarzChika: or...
Analise83: hmmm, preppyrichboy!pilots? Not for me, but someone out there is bound to like them
StarWarzChika: Party!Pilot
Analise83: one could always use a party!pilot
StarWarzChika: (They make parties *fun*)
StarWarzChika: NudistColony!Pilots?
StarWarzChika: *snerk*
StarWarzChika: PuppyDogEyes!Pilots?
Analise83: just gave me the slogan for ili's cloning company....looks at the nudistcolony idea...*chokes and snerks at the same time*
StarWarzChika: ShyBoys!Pilots...
StarWarzChika: ThespianHottie!Pilots, Muscled!Pilots, AddictedtoLove!Pilots,
StarWarzChika: Sweety-Heart!Pilots
Analise83: *pulls out a drool bucket*
StarWarzChika: (You might need it)
Analise83: yep yep yep
StarWarzChika: Noble!Pilots, Cowboy!Pilots,
Analise83: Hmmm pilots in Chaps....
StarWarzChika: SexyDancer!Pilots, Stripper!Pilots(Oh, yes. They want to take it *all* off!)
StarWarzChika: Um, muse is tired
StarWarzChika: Can't think of any more.
Analise83: s'okay, you've given me plenty of ideas. thanks!
StarWarzChika: You're welcome!
Analise83: =)
Analise83: done with this part of the tycho!clones
StarWarzChika: Oh, yay!
StarWarzChika: *happy for fic*
Analise83: just sent it
StarWarzChika: Oh, yay!!!
StarWarzChika: *goes to check it out*